Licensing & Permissions

As representatives of one of history’s most influential and prolific photographers, The Irving Penn Foundation takes very seriously its responsibility to uphold and enhance the legacy of Irving Penn.

To ensure that Mr. Penn’s work continues to inspire creative minds and inform the art of photography, the Foundation is committed to fostering quality reproductions with publishers and making his work accessible to audiences and scholars around the world.

The Foundation owns all of the copyrights owned by Mr. Penn at his death in 2009 and is the sole body authorized to license those copyrights. For historical reasons, selected Penn copyrights are owned by third parties and may be licensed for reproduction by them. If you are uncertain about the appropriate party to grant a license for the reproduction of a Penn photograph, the Foundation may be able to provide information to you.

Reproduction Requests

In order for us to process your request, kindly fill out the forms below as completely as possible so that we may evaluate your proposed use. Upon submission of your request, the Foundation will be in touch with you regarding your proposal. If you are unable to submit your request online, please email Matthew Krejcarek at

The Foundation will review submitted information and, if we approve your request, prepare a written licensing agreement requiring the licensee’s signature and, where we issue an invoice, the payment of a royalty. Please note that this process typically takes up to two weeks and advance notice is required to properly facilitate permission.

The Foundation expects all licensees of Penn photographs to observe the following guidelines: The licensed Penn work must be shown in its entirety without cropping, overlay type, bleeding or distortion or any other alteration; the Foundation must be given the opportunity to review and approve the final design layout, credit lines, and any accompanying text for accuracy at least one week in advance of publication or public release; and copies of the item(s) in which a Penn work is licensed must be provided to the Foundation upon request. These guidelines are binding legal requirements in the case of works licensed by the Foundation.

Finally, please note that where we issue an invoice, no grant of reproduction rights is effective until payment of the required licensing fee is made in full and received by the Foundation. Reproduction of a Penn work without having first paid the licensing fee will be treated as willful infringement of copyright. Revenues generated through licensing fees support an increasing number of the Foundation’s activities, and the Foundation vigorously protects itself against unauthorized use of its copyrights. The Foundation, working with its external legal advisors, is prepared to pursue and take appropriate action against all unlawful uses of its intellectual property.